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How to Measure For Your Best Fit Ever! 
with Sharlie Peterson

Do you have trouble finding a suit that fits you in all the right places?

Fear no more, and get your perfect fit everytime! Check out our video on how to measure yourself so you can have the perfect fit everytime! 

What to Expect from a Water Exercise Class
by Sherri Freifelder

You’ve heard about aquatic fitness classes and you’re considering trying something new.  But starting any new exercise routine can be scary and you’re not certain what to expect. 


July Participants of the Month

We love to exercise in the water because of the physical benefits of decreased weight-bearing, increased ability to move and work hard, and the all-over body workout you get in the water [...]

Men's Aqua Cruiser Water Shoes: Why Your Feet Should Be In Them

 SwimandSweat recently just released our newest edition to the Water Shoe family: The Men’s Aqua Cruiser Chlorine Resistant Water Shoe [...]

April Participant of the Month

Brenda is a current participant in Water Exercise Instructor Jenni Lynn Patterson Lacour’s S’WET classes, and we are proud to feature her as our SwimandSweat participant of the month! Brenda was diagnosed with stenosis in her L4 and L5 in her back. Since starting classes, she feels so much better, healthier, and joyful [...]

Love The Suit You're In

By Esther S.

In the summer of 2020, my beloved German Shepherd, Gari, was nearly 13, and beginning to slow down considerably. I finally faced the unpleasant fact that he was not going to be with me forever. And that I was in no condition to handle a German Shepherd puppy — and I was going to want another German Shepherd puppy [...]

Water Exercise: Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Shelley Owens

I have had a bad back ever since my 20’s and was told I couldn’t do anything high impact or even walk for very long! So, I ended up babying myself and staying away from all the fun outdoor (and indoor) activities [...]

Benefits of Pre & Post Aqua Natal

By Haylley Pittam

Attending an aqua aerobics/fitness class is particularly effective for the natal and post-natal woman as it offers a wide range of [...]

STOP! We Need to Talk About Your Feet in the Pool

By Sharlie Peterson
Shockwave Aqua Fitness

Let’s talk about your feet in the pool. I am an aqua fitness instructor. For the most part I teach my classes on the deck, but sometimes, because I use special equipment in the water [...]

Just Keep Swimming

February 2020: You were doing great. You were conquering your workouts, making waves with your friends in the pool. Getting your eating habits under control and feeling good about where life was headed [...]

New Year, No Limits


Thinking of joining a new gym to tackle your 2021 resolutions? Before you join, consider how wildly popular, low impact water exercise can help you achieve your goals quickly and safely. Extra bonus—zero boredom and new friends from an amazing community [...]

The Mental Health Benefits of Water Exercise

If you are someone who attends water exercise classes or swims on a regular basis, you’re more than likely aware of the amazing physical benefits that water offers to every body, every age. [...]

Dive into Something New 

Water exercise is a low-impact activity done in the pool that takes the pressure off your bones, muscles, and joints. There are many types of classes you can take. Some of our favorites include


The Autistic Lockdown Bubble

Lockdown: What does it mean for us? It is very hard to explain, everyone has another story to tell about lockdown, but we have one thing in common and that is the fact that things are extremely challenging at this moment in time.


Stress Relief with Pool Exercises Adapted for Home

Exercise has many benefits such as improving cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, bone density but what you might not know is that exercising is great for reducing stress and emotional resilience! [...]

Improve the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis with Water Exercise

As individuals progress throughout their lives, there are common ailments and conditions that are a normal process of the aging phenomena -- Staying active throughout our lives can help combat these normal aging processes.  One strategy to combat this struggle and still be able to exercise is with aquatic therapy [...]

Water Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals:

Are you contemplating your health and fitness goals for the New Year? -- The water provides an excellent environment for your workouts.  There are many advantages to exercising in the water vs. land-based exercise programs [...]

Proper Water Shoes for Water Exercise

While the pool may provide a safe environment to work out in, here are just a few reasons why you should still protect your feet with proper water shoes -- and what to look for in picking out your next pair! […]

The Importance of Hip Flexibility

Low back pain is a condition that almost every individual will experience at least once during their lifespan. It is the most common cause of job disability in the United States and is also a large contributor to missed workdays. This pathology may be acute or chronic in nature. […]

Improve Core Strength with Water Exercise

A lot of emphasis is commonly put on core strength both for aesthetics and also for injury prevention, but what is your core? The term core is referring to your abdominal muscles which consists of your rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques and transverse abdominis. Many are familiar with your rectus abdominis because this is your “six-pack muscle” and is visible to the human eye. […]

Overcome Knee Pain with Water Exercise

Knee pain is a common ailment that plagues people of all ages and can occur for a variety of reasons. Knee pain can occur due to an acute injury, overuse, or an underlying condition, such as arthritis. If you are experiencing knee pain, it is important for you to differentiate if your pain is acute or chronic in nature. Typically, acute pain is characterized by pain that is less than 3 months in duration, versus chronic pain which is greater than 3 months. […]

Overcome Arthritis with Water Exercise

What is Arthritis? Arthritis refers to inflammation or stiffness at a joint. There are many different types of arthritis but one of the most common types is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage, which is located at the ends of bones and provides cushion between two bones, starts to wear away. If this cushion is not there the two bones start to rub against each other which can result in: pain, swelling, and stiffness. This is very common with the aging process but many assume there is no solution for their knee and back pain. […]

Improve Balance with Water Exercise

One way to improve our balance is to strengthen the muscles of our legs, hip and core in order to keep us strong and in an upright position. A pool is a great place to work on strengthening these muscles, especially for more senior adults. It is a perfect place because the water helps to support your body and therefore makes it easier to move. […]

Diabetes Self Care

Take charge of your health! You can safely manage or lower the risk of developing diabetes by making healthy changes like these:

Get enough fiber. Choose foods high in fiber like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and oats. Fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar in thefoods you eat. […]

Diabetes And The Benefits of Water Exercise

Diabetes is a diagnosis all too many know. Successful management of this disease requires healthy living habits which commonly includes exercise. Exercising in water has many positive benefits for someone with diabetes. Water has unique properties which make it an attractive way for many people to exercise. Once in the water, these participants can achieve peace of mind because the pressure of the water will help to keep them upright. […]

Water Exercise For Weight Loss

Water exercise is the perfect way to get slim and lose weight with low impact to the body. Exercising in the pool is easy on the body. You can burn calories, reduce fat and lose weight at the same rate as working out on land but with less pain and discomfort. Here are 4 easy water exercises that will help you lose weight: 1. FORWARD AND BACK – Toes Pointed Forward a. Start with right foot forward, left foot back […]

Water Exercise To Relieve Back Pain

If your back pain is a result of inactivity, stiffness or muscle strain, it is best to get moving. Although your first instinct might be to rest, researchers confirm the importance of staying active for a healthy back. SINGLE LEG BALANCE REACH And the 3 movements to try: (1) Stand on one leg. If needed hold the pool wall for better balance. (2). Swing the suspended leg font to back in a range that feels good. Repeat 5-10x. […]

Water Exercise for Better Balance
by Laurie Denomme

Having the ability to control the motion is what allows us to find and keep our balance. And we can’t control the motion unless our core and leg muscles are strong. To strengthen both our core and our legs, we’re going to add speed in all 6 natural directions. […]

Better Balance Begins in the Pool
by Laurie Denomme

Do you look down when you’re walking in unknown territory? Do you shuffle your feet to steady yourself with every step? The good news? You can crush your fear of falling by taking your balance program from dry land to the pool. […]

Water Aerobics Natural Neck Exercises to Help with Neck Pain
by Laurie Denomme

If you’ve ever experienced neck pain or stiffness, you’ve likely tried some sort of traditional rotation exercise, such a simple side to side neck rotation. To fully address neck pain, stiffness and weakness, we also need to include exercises that mimic some everyday activities. […]

Water Aerobics Workout Video: Burn Calories Fast
by Laurie Denomme

Jogging and jumping jacks are popular exercises for water aerobics. These exercises can be used together to create a simple, yet effective total body workout. Watch the video to see how to use the water to burn more calories. Know your working effort and you will be on your way to melting more calories and boosting heart health. […]

Give Your Hips a Hand: 6 Movements in Water Aerobics for Greater Hip Flexibility
by Laurie Denomme

Many of you learned this song as a child: The hip bone's connected to the back bone/The back bone's connected to shoulder bone/The shoulder bone's connected to the arm bone, but have you ever thought about using your hands to train your hips? The great news is a few simple exercises can strengthen and stretch those hips in no time. […]

Make a Splash into Water Aerobics & Aqua Aerobics
by Laurie Denomme

Are you new to water aerobics, wondering about the benefits, or want some tips on how to get the most out of your current water aerobics workout? […]

Slimming Swimsuit Design Tricks for Aquatic Workouts

Do you want to look and feel your best during water conditioning programs? Luckily, designers are customizing unique styles with little extras that address common physical concerns for all ages. […]

Slimming Swimsuit Design Tricks for Aquatic Workouts

Do you want to look and feel your best during water conditioning programs? Luckily, designers are customizing unique styles with little extras that address common physical concerns for all ages. […]

What Are The Benefits of Water Aerobics

A common misconception is that water aerobics are low-intensity workouts appropriate just for pregnant women and elderly individuals. In reality, various class formats including kickboxing, spin, step, tai chi, yoga, and Zumba offer […]

Supportive Plus-Size Swimwear For Aquatic Activities

The best swimsuits for various aquatic fitness activities like rigorous exercise and training routines, lap swimming, and water aerobics provide comfort, support, and performance. Chlorine resistance makes active swimandsweat suits last longer, […]

Why Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Is Essential To Water Fitness

Well, if you’ve started a water fitness class, like water aerobics, in a conventional spandex swimsuit, you probably know how quickly that swimsuit bit the dust. Literally, chlorine eats away at spandex and Lycra® found in conventional swimwear […]

4 Pool Exercises You can Slim In

Is your pool workout lacking something? There are only so many pool cardio exercises that you can do before incorporating toning exercises into your water workout routine. In this three part series, we will explore various exercises that target […]

10 Tips To Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

Do your swimsuits fall apart after a month or so? If you're wearing your swimsuit in chlorinated water on a regular basis, there are a few things you can do to make your swimsuits last longer. Extending the life of your new swimsuit […]

It's All About Arm Exercises For Water Fitness

Adding targeted exercises into your water workout is a great way to tone your arms. Sure many cardio movements help to tone your body, but surprisingly those movements do not tone all of your arm muscles. n part two of our exercise […]

The Truth About Chlorine Resistance

Adding targeted exercises into your water workout is a great way to tone your arms. Sure many cardio movements help to tone your body, but surprisingly those movements do not tone all of your arm muscles. n part two of our exercise […]


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