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Weight Loss Calculator

Do you have 10 lbs to lose? 20 lbs? More? If you can burn an extra 100 calories a day during a 30 minute water workout, this equates to a weight loss of about 10 pounds a year!

Our Water Aerobics Weight Loss Calculator gives you an idea of how many calories you will burn and how much weight you can lose during your water aerobics routines.

water aerobics weight loss calculator
  • STEP 1:
    Type your weight (in lbs.) 
  • STEP 2:
    Type minutes doing Water Aerobics per session  

calorie burn
  • Calories Burned             Weekly Weight Loss     pounds
  • Monthly Weight Loss     pounds
  • Yearly Weight Loss      pounds doing water aerobics min.   DAILY or...
  • You can lose    pounds YEARLY doing water aerobics  min. 3 times a week but...

You can lose weight even faster if you do water aerobics AND...
  • *Eat  -to-   calories/day
  • You'll lose up to     lbs./week
  • You'll lose up to     lbs./month
  • You'll lose up to     lbs./year.
*Individual results may vary. If you're only 30 pounds overweight for example... Don't expect to lose more than 30 pounds doing Water Aerobics everyday.