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WECOACH 2 Water Aerobics and Exercise Workouts: Strength is Balance & Ai Chi Relaxation (AUDIO CDs) - NON-RETURNABLE

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Aqua Exercises for Active Aging. The latest audio workout from international fitness educator Laurie Denomme will help you improve flexibility and build strength. This workout is especially beneficial for people over 50 years old.

  • WECOACH 6 directional movements deliver better and faster results
  • Laurie’s easy to follow and cheerful instruction inspires you to work to your potential
  • Upbeat music helps guide your movement speed for better results
  • One CD makes it easy to do a single workout or do both for a longer workout

Workout #1: Strenght is Balance (45-minutes)

  • Train the body for all life activities: Reach, walk, squat, turn, balance, and lift
  • Short cardio intervals boost heart health, melt more calories and fast-track results
  • No equipment required

Workout #2: Ai Chi Relaxation (15-minutes)

  • Think Tai Chi in the water as you reduce stress and improve mobility
  • Soothing whole body stretches help build core stability and balance
  • No equipment required
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