WECOACH 2 Water Aerobics and Exercise Workouts: HIIT Aquatic Cardio & Noodle Abdominals (AUDIO CDs) - NON-RETURNABLE

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Shallow water aerobic exercise. The latest audio workout from international fitness educator Laurie Denomme will help you improve flexibility, build strength, and burn massive calories. Win, win, win!

  • WECOACH 6 directional movements deliver better and faster results
  • Laurie’s easy to follow and cheerful instruction inspires you to work to your potential
  • High energy music helps guide your movement speed for better results
  • One CD makes it easy to do a single workout or do both for a longer workout

Workout #1: HIIT Aquatic Cardio (45-minutes)

  • Five high-energy intervals paired with soothing stretches for recovery
  • Water exercises: Run, Ski, Jumping Jacks, and Tucks all maximize calories burned
  • 5 foot positions open the hips and engage the core
  • No equipment required.

Workout #2: Noodle Abdominals (15-minutes)

  • Use the buoyancy and resistance of water to improve core stability
  • Water exercises: Planks, Push-Ups, Side-lying Skis strengthen the abs and back
  • Equipment assisted changes from standing to floating challenges the core
  • Buoyancy equipment required such as a noodle
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