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Wavemakers "Basic Moves Made Better" Course
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Wavemakers "Basic Moves Made Better" Course


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WaveMaker™ Level I: Basic Moves Made Better

Life does not move in a straight line or at one speed. To get better and faster results learn how to make basic moves better. Purposeful movement is delivered by moving the body in more directions. This is achieved using 2 strategies: six-directional movement and seven-basic foot positions. Personalized Instruction accelerates results as exercisers learn how to move in and out of different work efforts to prepare the body for life or sport. Planning workouts helps to ensures goals are met. A basic fitness foundation is developed by targeting all basic fitness components. Moving in more directions and a varied level of effort will help facilitate desirable training and improve fitness fast.

  • Purposeful Movement: Move in More Directions
  • 6 Directional movement
  • 7 Basic Foot Positions
  • Personal Instruction: Perceived Effort (work in the aquatic environment)
  • Aquatic Exercise Intensity Scale (co-relation to objective measure of HR)
  • Speed and Levers (‘feeling’ the move to know how to use the water as training tool)
  • Planned Workouts
  • Understanding how to use basic water exercises including: jogging, jumping jacks, skis and tuck to that hit all basic fitness components (aerobic endurance, strength, muscle endurance, flexibility) will help improve fitness fast.