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Simple Concepts. Significant Results. Catch the New Wave of Water Fitness!

Group Exercise Professionals

One of the biggest challenges of teaching group exercise classes is diverse and changing participant needs. Online education course, Basic Moves Made Better, teaches instructors how to incorporate the WOW factor of six-directional movement at varied intensities. This course, which uses simple concepts to target all health-related components of physical fitness, offers concepts which are easily integrated into any teaching style or class format.
When participating, you can expect:
  • Safety. Wavemakers teach science-based workouts that move the body in ways that are natural.
  • Results. Wavemakers can explain why their exercises deliver better and faster results.
  • Passion. Wavemakers have an infectious passion to help others move and feel better!

Online education course Basic Moves Made Better is your gateway to a community of instructors, influencers, advocates and fans who share an infectious passion for water exercise.

Upon successful completion of Basic Moves Made Better, your membership includes:
  • Continuing Education Credits - 2.0 AEA/AF and ATRI CECs.
  • Choreography Notes – Wavemaker workout: Targeting 5 Health Related Components of Fitness.
  • Video Library – Access to view new water exercises created using course concepts.
  • Community – Connect with fellow Wavemakers™ on We Are Wavemakers™ Facebook group.
  • Education – Receive a 20% discount on WECOACH online courses.
  • Apparel – Receive a 25% discount on all swimandsweat apparel.
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