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February 2020: You were doing great. You were conquering your workouts, making waves with your friends in the pool. Getting your eating habits under control and feeling good about where life was headed.  

March 2020: COVID happened. Fitness classes began to disappear. Friends became pen pals. PJs that were hidden under your zoom screen became the norm, along with constantly walking to the fridge out of boredom and walking back to your bedroom with a tub of ice cream.  

Life changed drastically for most people. It changed for me.Enter the world of aquatic fitness: Instructors and class members had to put a structured weekly routine on pause to sit and wait. Many, unfortunately, are still experiencing this. Still waiting. While pools are beginning to open back up, some people continue to find themselves without a water exercise instructor. And we all know - working out on your own without guidance is fun and motivating until it’s not!  

January 2021: SwimandSweat is working hard to provide a People2Pool Database and specialized home workouts to get people swimming and moving again. What is People2Pool, and how can it possibly help you find a way to get moving again?  

People2Pool is a water exercise database that shows current instructors and/or facilities in your area! SwimandSweat knows how important being in the water is, and we want to provide as many resources as we can to get you swimming again!

For those who are unable to find an open pool or uncomfortable with going to a public gym just yet, we completely understand! Because of this, we are also beginning to provide online workouts that you can follow along with in the comfort of your own home. These workouts are gentle on the joints but still effective at getting you up off your rear and moving! To get started, check out Sharlie’s “Walking and Strength” workout video and Shelley’s “Sassy Senior Sit Down” for those looking to improve mobility and flexibility. You can check out these plus many more to come by following along on our social media pages!

Whatever may come in 2021, stick with us at SwimandSweat for all of your water exercise needs.

We care about you and encourage you to JUST KEEP SWIMMING!  JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

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