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Who: Dominic Gili
Where: Sydney, Australia
What: Aqua Shallow Boot Camp, Plyo Power, and Pool Party Choreography, Aqua Seniors, Aqua Deep, Aqua Gymstick, and Frisbee Fitness H2O
Water Exercise Testimonial: Instructor Dominic Gili

Dominic Gili is based in Sydney Australia and has been teaching Aqua Fitness since 1993. Dom started in the water as a swim teacher before being asked to teach his mate’s aquatic fitness class one day. He fell in love with water workouts and has not looked back. He is now a beloved instructor, trainer, and international presenter within the Aquatic Fitness industry. He is the founder of - a website that offers online videos, trainings and resources for lovers of Aqua Fitness. In 2020 he will be presenting at the first ever AIAFC, the Australian International Aquatic Fitness Conference in February in Adelaide.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking one of Dom’s coveted classes, you must head over to his Facebook page and YouTube channel to check out his incredible videos. A picture is worth 1000 words, but a video is priceless. Dom is famous for providing instructional videos paired with upbeat music to help his participants and other instructors see exactly what they should be doing above and below the surface. His participants can’t get enough of his infectious energy and innovative classes that keep them coming back every week. “[Dominic] is just an amazing instructor. He’s so confident, authoritative, fun, and he explains everything along the way. Since I’ve been going to classes my core strength has improved which is really important for osteoporosis and I’ve met so many nice people.” – Lynn. As Dom puts it, he is completely dedicated to the cause and passionate about working out in the water himself. He takes every opportunity to selflessly help and encourage others and is adored by his participants and peers. Congratulations Dom, thank you for all that you do to serve our Aquatic Fitness community!”

JULY 2019
Who: Tessy & Pedro Ayala
Where: Emmaus & Allentown, PA
What: Aqua Zumba & Zumba
Water Exercise Testimonial: Instructor Donna Boucher

When connecting with her beloved followers, Tessy always starts her live social media chats with, “Hello Beautiful Creations of God”! Tessy and Pedro Ayala are both spiritual, motivating, and bring a unique burst of life to every Zumba and Aqua Zumba class they teach. According to Yvonne, “Tessy’s beautiful smile and energy is contagious and she is a rump shaker”! Tessy and Pedro have been married for 29 years and they are quite the dynamic duo which inspires men and women alike to join in the fun!  One class that is near and dear to their hearts is taught at the Emmaus, PA Community Pool, where the entrance fee is only $1 per person to encourage participation, which often fills the pool to capacity with 150 people at a time! All proceeds from this weekly summer class are donated to the lifeguards for keeping the pool safe. It is the Ayala’s mission to inspire as many people as possible to jump into the pool and experience the incredible benefits that water exercise has to offer. They consistently recommend that participants are prepared for class by bringing water to stay hydrated and to wear water shoes to help with comfort, movement and added resistance in the water.

Tessy and Pedro especially enjoy instructing Aqua Zumba together because they know it can be a great for anyone, regardless of their fitness level or age. It doesn’t matter if Tessy is having a rough day because the moment she sees all the smiling faces in the pool, her heart is happy and fulfilled.  When she is instructing, she makes sure that her full attention goes to her participants because she wants them to know how much she appreciates and is motivated by them. In her opinion, the call of an instructor is to provide a service to your community. Her commitment is to make sure she does everything in her power to make the community happier and healthier. Tessy fondly commented that her “participants aren’t just [my students], they are also my friends, family, supporters. We make sure that they feel welcomed and loved. We listen, talk and share our daily life journey. For one hour we make them dance and forget about everything else. People that know me know that every time they need me, if I have the time available my response will always be yes.  They mean the world to me. They have no idea of how much they complete my life”. The unwavering support of Tessy and Pedro’s participants has truly helped grow their loyal following and overall awareness for water exercise.

When they are not teaching, the Ayala’s continue to give back to the community by hosting charity dancing events to help raise money for community members. As one participant Natalia put it, “[They are] very thorough when working out in the pool…Tessy loves teaching and doesn't care about money like with the Emmaus Community Program. They don't pay her but still she teaches simply because she cares about other people. She doesn't see her participants as students, they are stars and family”. Tessy believes that kindness, love, respect and understanding is what makes a good person. Thank you Tessy, for all that you do to serve our Aquatic Fitness community!

JUNE 2019
Who: Donna Boucher
Where: Oberlin & Amherst, OH
What: Shallow AquaFIT, Deep AquaFIT, Aqua Bootcamp, and more!
Water Exercise Testimonial: Instructor Donna Boucher

This month we celebrate Donna B. of Amherst, OH. The swimandsweat team was overwhelmed by the immense adoration and gratitude Donna’s many students conveyed in their letters and pictures sent to nominate their beloved instructor! As Raynelle B. wrote to us, “two years ago, my neighbor asked me to come to a water aerobics class with her. Of course, I said no. I had lost a few pounds on WW so I finally said yes. I was hooked after the first class!!! Donna's classes are so awesome!!! She's a very caring, compassionate, funny person. She makes the class fun while working our booties off!! She gives tips on diet and words of encouragement also. My ortho told me that after my bicep surgery I wouldn’t be able to do certain things but because of Donna's class, I can!! I feel better than ever because of her classes. I nominated her because I believe in her and her enthusiasm for water fitness!!”.

Donna’s journey of becoming an aquatic fitness instructor began similarly to many other instructors we’ve heard from—she was originally a land instructor back in January 2015 but there was a sudden need for an aquatic instructor at her gym. Flash forward to present day, Donna teaches multiple classes a week at 3 different facilities! Out of her newfound passion and appreciation for the wonder that is aquatic fitness, and a determined sense of duty to provide the best possible classes for her students, Donna tirelessly digested as much training and guidance as she could find. It wasn’t until she completed Mark Grevelding’s Fit Motivation program that Donna marks a pivotal time in her aquatic fitness career when talk of her innovative and fun classes really began to spread. People began to realize that water exercise is NOT just for the elderly or injured. As Donna says, “as more and more people see and learn how cross training in the water can be so beneficial, I have been able to work with student athletes, marathon runners, and provide aqua boot camp classes challenging even some swim coaches and lifeguards. Just like land classes, there are so many types of water workouts that can be done to meet all fitness levels.” While Donna is able to work with a wide range of ages and abilities in her students, she is also “humbled by extreme joy as people share stories of keeping their diabetes and Parkinson's under control, how class has helped with dealing with cancer on multiple levels, how it has improved strength, endurance, and weight loss. It is a mood booster and we have so much FUN, they sleep better, and it helps with arthritis pain and swelling. I have many members whose spirits are refreshed because they still desire to do hard land classes, that the body will no longer allow. But in the water, due to reduced/zero impact, they can jump, hop, run and get a great workout without the fear of falling and beating up on their bodies. I have stories of improved range of motion after surgeries as well as heartwarming stories of people achieving goals after going through terrible accidents, and the list goes on and on. People are my passion and by using the tool of water, it is the most rewarding feeling in the entire world to HELP OTHERS in their journey.” Thank you Donna, for all that you do to serve our Aquatic Fitness community!

MAY 2019
Who: Sherri F.
Where: Reading, PA
What: Aquatic Fitness and Aqua Zumba
Water Exercise Testimonial: Instructor Sherri F.

This month we celebrate Sherri F. of Birdsboro Fitness & Splash in Birdsboro, PA. Sherri's students can't say enough about how much they adore her classes, spirit, and how she inspires others by sharing her personal wellness journey. About 6 years ago, Sherri began exercising in the pool with Aqua Zumba classes which helped her lose over 120lbs, in conjunction with a healthy diet! When the pool she attended needed a water exercise instructor, she was moved to become a licensed Aqua Zumba instructor and later an AEA certified aqua fitness professional. Sherri only wishes others would have helped her to better understand the amazing benefits of water exercise sooner; she has therefore made it her mission to educate and inspire others by sharing her passion for water fitness wherever she goes. As her student Stella B. says, "She brings energy and fun to a class that is so beneficial to my body and spirit. I don't look at like a workout class, even though it builds strength and flexibility. I view it as a time to dance and have fun! It's Sherri that brings that to the class! I never feel judged, she offers empathy and understanding of our abilities!" Sherri is especially motived by the fact that everyone from children to seniors can enjoy her classes because it is low impact, FUN, and inviting. Sherri is also known for reminding those who might be nervous about trying water exercise, "what happens under the water stays under the water"! So take a note from Sherri and try and jump right into one of the most supportive and motivating environments you can find. Thank you Sherri, for all that you do to serve our Water Exercise community!

APRIL 2019
Who: Natalia V.
Where: YMCA in Allentown, PA
What: Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning and Traditional Zumba
Water Exercise Testimonial: Instructor Natalia Vazques

This month we celebrate Natalia of the Allentown YMCA. Nominated by her students, Natalia embodies the ever-giving, beloved water exercise instructor. Natalia teaches multiple classes every week including Aqua Zumba, Zumba toning, and traditional Zumba. Her students love her fun-loving, sassy presence that she attributes to her Puerto Rican roots. “Natalia is an inspirational instructor. [Her] Aqua Zumba class is fun and she makes sure you get good workout while dancing to great music!” – Patricia C. We salute you Natalia, you are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for all that you do to serve our Water Exercise community!

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