Water Exercise For Knee Pain: By Sharlie Peterson

Water exercises for core strengthWater exercises for core strength


By: Sharlie Peterson

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DEEP WATER with a pool noodle:

1. Cross Country Ski (straddle the noodle between the legs to keep the body afloat): keeping the legs and arms straight, glide arms and legs forward and back opposite of one another. This exercise strengthens the leg muscles to make them stronger without putting any strain or pressure on the knee.

2. Suspended jumping Jacks (straddle noodle): Legs swing out wide and squeeze together when coming back in. The arms echo the leg movement and clap together down in front of the torso.

3. Bicycle (noodle is around the back going under armpits with arms grabbing the outer sides) : start with the body in a stand up position. One leg makes a pedaling circular motion 20 times on one leg while the other leg stays down. Switch legs after 20 Reps.

4 .Single leg kicks (noodle is around the back, under the armpits with arms grabbing outer sides): in a stand up position, bring one leg up, slowly kick forward from the knee to knee-height only and slowly lower back down. The key on this one is to go slow in order to gently stretch the knee muscles. The deep water takes more pressure off of the knee. Do 20 kicks per leg before switch to the other.


1. Straight leg swings: stand firm on one leg with the knee slightly bent. Swing the other leg forward before swing back behind the body, keeping the leg straight the entire time. Do this 20 times and then switch legs.

2. Hamstring Curls: using a pool noodle, place it under the front of your ankle and hold each end behind the body. Gently lift the leg with the pool noodle before slowly lowering back down. Do this 20 times on one leg then switch to the other.

3. Straight leg flutter kicks: use a pool rail. Hold on the the rail and float onto the stomach. Flutter kick the legs up and down without bending the knee. You may do this small and fast or make them bigger scissor kicks. Do for one minute, rest and repeat two more times.

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