Sherri Freifelder


Water lover making aquatic fitness challenging and

FUN for mermaids of all ages, shapes, and sizes.”

When Sherri’s Group Exercise Manager asked her 6 years ago if she would consider taking the training to teach Aqua Zumba, she was a bit unsure.  She had never exercised in the water before.  But she was short staffed on instructors and decided to take the “plunge.”  From the minute Sherri took her first Aqua Zumba class, she was hooked on Aquatic Fitness! Working out in the water is lots of splashy fun!  When she learned that you could burn twice the number of calories in the same amount of time as land-based fitness, she was blown away.  She realized that you have a greater range of motion in the pool and the water keeps you cool so you don’t realize you’re working up a sweat!  Sherri’s Aqua Zumba classes have become very popular with people of all ages, shapes, and sizes over the years and it’s been a great way to introduce people to aquatic fitness because it is a party!

Sherri later went on to earn her AEA, Aquatic Fitness Certification.  After learning more about aquatics, she decided to develop programs that would bring non-traditional participants to the pool.  Some instructors specialize in teaching “aqua aerobics” for older adults.  She has worked on developing programs that appeal to men and women in all age groups and fitness levels, like Aqua Tabata and Hydro Jump (with the use of aquatic trampolines).  Sherri also designed an aquatic fitness program for kids called Aqua Fit Kids.  Sherri’s goal is to show people that aquatic fitness is not just for seniors.  It’s for everyone!  

As a fitness participant, Sherri started with land-based Zumba classes and eventually became a licensed instructor. Sherri became a fitness instructor later in life (in her 40’s) and has lost over 100 pounds with diet and exercise. The fitness community she has built has been based on a spirit of acceptance and inclusiveness.  Aquatic Fitness has become her passion because it offers programming variety, excellent health and wellness benefits, and it’s lots of fun!  Sherri’s only regret is that she didn’t start working out in the water much sooner! 

“Aquatic Fitness has become her passion because it offers programming variety, excellent health and wellness benefits, and it’s lots of fun!” - Sherri Freifelder

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