Shelley Owens


“I'm proud to be called an “inspiration” to others because I'm 69 and going on strong!"  


Shelley Owens has been enjoying the aquatic world since 2012.  That was when her doctor told her she should think about taking water therapy classes for her arthritis.  Shelley has two degenerating disks in her lower back (and various other places), which prevented her from being very active.  Shelley joined a local gym in Wichita, Kansas, that had a regular indoor pool, plus a large therapy pool.  She started off by taking arthritis classes, but found herself watching the aerobics class in the regular pool because they were having so much fun.  She enjoyed that class and soon found that she could do anything in the water—all the things she was unable to do on land.  She began to lose weight and tone up.  Shelley felt more confident and her lower back was becoming stronger and not bothering her as much.  She was learning all about the power of water!! 

Shelley was asked to become an instructor and taught regular aerobic classes, power aerobics, boot camp, deep water, and HIIT.  The more she learned, the more she enjoyed teaching.  Realizing that it’s SO rewarding to watch someone meeting their fitness goals through aquatics, getting people to realize you can get as much, if not more, benefits from the water versus land.  She loves using dumb bells, noodles, and kick boards, to show just how much versatility there is and how much of a workout you can get. 

Shelley introduced her daughter—Sharlie Peterson—to aquatics and she has developed her own brand of teaching called Shockwave Aqua Fitness with Sharlie.  Her classes are excellent and she's always coming up with something new.  That's what makes an awesome instructor! 

During the Covid break, Shelley had surgery to repair her rotator cuff and to re-attach her bicep.  This is going to be a long recovery, but it will be worth it to be able to get back in the water again.  She has been able to work with people to help them achieve their fitness goals, or just be able to give them a fun workout to stay in shape.  “I'm proud to be called an “inspiration” to others because I'm 69 and going on strong! If I can be fit at my age, so can you!!  I hope I can continue to inspire people—no matter what age—to be their best and to have fun doing it in the water!!” - Shelley Owens 

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