Katy Coffey


"Full time wave warrior who guarantees to get your hair wet and make your muscles to sweat"

Katy Started her career in Aquatics Back in the Summer of 2000. Starting with Swim Lessons and Lifeguarding, she quickly took on management rolls which lead to her full-time career in recreation. In 2008 she was asked if she would consider getting ZUMBA (Land) certified in an effort to support the popular class in her building as a substitute. At the time she didn't think much of this class, but little did she know it would launch a passion of health & wellness. When Katy saw how difficult it was to find staff to teach the Water Fitness Classes at her facility, and in an effort to bring more awareness, she was encouraged to be trained as a United States Water Fitness Instructor. Katy and her Aquatics team began asking their members for feedback about classes at their facility. They heard loud and clear that members wanted certified instructors who would challenge them! That is exactly what they did. What started with 3 classes a week for about 20 students quickly grew to 60+ in each class and offering quality Water Fitness 3 times daily.  

Katy is now the Senior Director of Aquatics for the YMCA of Greater Boston. She works with Aquatics Directors from 13 branches and helps create quality and safe programming for over 27 bodies of water.   She is certified with both Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and the American and Fitness Association of America (AFFA).   She is currently a Master Trainer and Format Expert with Aqua Body Strong.  She is also licensed in Zumba/Gold/Aqua, Lablast Splash, Hydro Revolution, Beachbody Live as well as SH1FT and L1FT. 

Katy's passion has led to creating a wave in the water fitness industry. She believes in partnering with Water Fitness Companies from around the globe, and creating opportunities for instructors to be certified, licensed and trained to teach. 

"I love working with Water Fitness companies and hosting training for our areas. We believe there is room at the pool for everyone!" -Katy

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