Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour


"Full time Wave Warrior always ready to make her squad S'WET!" 

Jenni "fell" into teaching aquatic fitness by complete accident when an instructor at a previous gym resigned on the spot, and since she had her CPR certification, she was asked to "fill in" and teach the aqua class. Thankfully, she came from a swimming background, so she started with drills and fun activities with the equipment, but soon Jenni had a FULL class and absolutely LOVED teaching it! She was hooked and decided to get as much education as possible, and that is when she found the AEA and the rest is history in the making! 

Continuing education is part of being an amazing water fitness instructor, which is the reason Jenniis certified with the AEA, ATS, NSCA- CPT, CEC.  She also is the provider and creator of S’WET by Jenni Lynn Fitness.She has been teaching in NYC for over a decade, incorporating kickboxing, H.I.I.T., Pilates, Circuits, and strength training in the pool. Her mission is to change the perception of aquatic fitness to create an inclusive environment for all ages, abilities, and genders! 

During these difficult times it is our DUTY to stay home now more than ever. But just because you can't get to the gym or pool, doesn't mean you have to stop working out! Throughout the coming months, Jenni Lynn and Christopher LaCour will be posting at-home workouts, STAY HOME SERIES that you can do from just about anywhere free of charge!  

Depending on what "phase" of reopening you are in, gym pools may not be fully open yet. That is why Jenni is also making her water fitness accessible from the comfort of your home pool.  If you have access to a pool and would like to book one-on-one or small-group Virtual Training sessions with Jenni Lynn, now's your chance! She is also offering Aquatic PT sessions through Zoom.  

Jenni knows the importance of staying active and healthy during these difficult times. She also found a way to stay connected while offering education and inspiration with her new The Aquaholics Bootcamp Podcast.  This amazing podcast was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to connect, inspire, and motivate members of the aquatic fitness industry and beyond. During each episode, Jenni chats with fitness professionals and industry leaders from around the globe to find out what they're working on now and also get to know them a little bit better personally!

“My mission is to change the perception of aquatic fitness to create an inclusive environment for all ages, abilities, and genders!  -Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour

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