New Year, No Limits

New Year, No Limits


Shockwave Aqua Fitness 


I know what you’re thinking - it’s a new year, new health resolutions, diet plans, the “new me” phase, and me telling you not to join a gym makes zero sense. I promise it will shortly! 

So many New Year’s resolutions fail because though we want to lose weight, get healthy and conquer the universe, but we don’t have the necessary tools to accomplish this, such as workout and nutritional guidance. So many people blindly join the gym down the street and jump on the treadmill or elliptical, hit the manual “GO” program, and get bored quickly. That, or we want to go explore the weight room, but we are too self-conscious to dare step foot in the danger zone. 

People tend to be more successful at sticking to a program when they not only have guidance, such as from a personal trainer or fitness instructor, but also accountability from friends who participate in an activity with them. 

Now, let’s talk water exercise and how this can factor in to making your New Year’s plan successful when it comes to longevity!  Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re simply looking to add something new to your workout schedule, water fitness classes can make a huge difference in both your physical and mental life! For a beginner, the water allows you to glide through a workout with ease as your body becomes much more flexible and you don’t feel as much pressure in your joints, heart and lungs. You can slowly work up to your fitness goals without having to lift heavy weights or suffer through 30 minutes of moving in place on that elliptical! The water offers 360 degrees of water resistance that hits all parts of your body constantly, providing not only cardio, but strength training all in one workout! For someone who is more athletic, many times the power and natural resistance of water surprises even the fittest athlete. This is what makes water exercise an excellent choice for people of all fitness levels and ages to thrive.  Not to mention, you can make several friends who also attend classes that will begin to motivate and encourage you to keep coming and giving it your best! 

But how do you know what class will be the right fit for you? SwimandSweat has an amazing People2Pool tool on their website that helps connect potential class members to instructors in their area! And if there doesn’t happen to be an instructor listed in your area, we are happy to connect with you and help you find one! Email me at sharlie@swimandsweat.com!

But wait, does that mean I have to wear a bathing suit? In front of other people?! 

Yes, yes it does. Though you CAN throw on a T-shirt and shorts, the bulk of the fabric weighs you down in the pool and takes the focus off your workout when you’re constantly having to pull your shirt down or keep your shorts from slipping.

Enter: chlorine resistant swimwear and accessories. Did you know there’s a big difference in a bathing suit you grab off the rack at a typical clothing store, verses an actual chlorine-resistant suit? Allow me to explain why selecting a suit from SwimandSweat will make you feel confident and secure entering a pool, in addition to withstanding chlorine week after week!

SwimandSweat specializes in Chlorine-Resistant swimwear, meaning that your suit is made with high quality, 100% polyester fabric that won’t fade or stretch out in the water like a typical bathing suit. They are also made to fit a mature body better, allowing you to feel more confident in your workout as the suit you’re wearing keeps your body secure and in place. They have options to accommodate different body types—such as high neck options to keep the girls in place, or zipper suits for those with sensitive shoulders to get in and out easier! Swimandsweat also offers a variety of amazing performance water shoes to protect your feet during the workout (which is very important when it comes to foot protection, safety, and added resistance and weight to reduce foot cramps!) 

As we enter 2021, I encourage you to consider giving a water workout a try! Don’t blindly join a gym and risk being another failed statistic - get connected to a local water exercise instructor who is ready to help you begin to turn your goals into a reality! Not ready to return to a gym, or your gym is still closed? We hear you. It has been challenging to navigate this year, but there are ton of resources online for at-home low impact exercises to keep you moving. Check out my latest YouTube home exercise video (Kiss 2020 Good-bye), or this sitting exercise video for Sassy Seniors! We are here to help motivate you, as you embark on your wellness journey this year!

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