Wall Work Exercises

Water exercises for core strengthWater exercises for core strength

Wall Work Exercises

By: Sharlie Peterson

Shockwave Aqua Fitness

1. CRUNCHED BREASTSTROKE: In a seated position, face the wall with both feet flat on the wall, knees in a bent position. Keep feet on the wall by using the arms to breaststroke. Keep abdominal muscles tight!

2. SEATED BACKSTROKE: In a seated position with back against the wall, hold both legs out in front of body and use the arms to perform backstroke motions to keep the back against the wall.

3. HIKERS: Facing & holding onto the wall with both hands, hike one knee at a time up to chest and back down as fast as possible.

4. SLIDING JACKS: Keep feet towards bottom of the pool wall and slide the legs in and out on the wall. Arms mimic the legs moving in and out.

5. SLIDING JACKS 2.0: Same as sliding jacks except you now slide your legs in and out while moving up and down the pool wall in a nonstop motion.

6. INCH WORM: With legs together, inch both feet up the wall until you reach the top of the wall, and then inch them back down to the bottom. Keep knees bent and body in a crunched position.

7. DON’T LOOK BACK: Turn away from the wall and float onto the stomach. Placing both feet on the wall, the goal is to keep both feet on the wall by using the arms in a backstroke. This can be done with a bent knee or straight leg.

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