Shallow Water Abdominal Water Exercises: By Sharlie Peterson

Water exercises for core strengthWater exercises for core strength


By: Sharlie Peterson

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1. OPPOSITE ELBOW TO KNEE: Crunch the right elbow down to the left knee, then left elbow to right knee. Keep the knees as high as possible in a jogging motion.

2. SAME ELBOW TO KNEE: In a wide stance, perform a high knee jog and crunch the right elbow down to the right knee before switching to the left elbow to left knee. Alternate between each.

3. TWISTS: With legs together and knees slightly bent, twist from the abdomen side-to-side, arms moving opposite of the legs. Keep the abdominal muscles tight.

4. TUCK JUMPS: Bring both knees up to the chest in a hugging position. The arms can either hug around the knees in a bear hug, or tuck underneath the knees.

5. CRUNCH JUMPS: In a wide stance, lightly jump up. As you jump, crunch the elbows down to each knee and then stand back up in between each crunch.

6. CC TWISTS: The legs glide back and forth while the arms stretch forward, pressing palms together and keeping the arms straight. Twist the arms side to side with help from the torso while the legs continue to glide.

7. PUSHING WATER: Keeping the feet firm on the pool floor, sweep water side to side with both arms - palms cupped pushing side to side for maximum water resistance. Twist side to side with help from the abdominals.

8. DOLPHIN KICKS: Both legs kick forward, keeping a bent knee and kicking the feet as high as possible before standing back up. When the legs kick forward, the arms sweep backward on either side of the body.

CHALLENGE! Perform these exercises in a HIIT format. 20 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds of rest in between.

Print out this workout to bring with you next time you head to the pool! Plus watch the video above for even more ab exercises to try.

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