Men's Aqua Cruiser Water Shoes: Why Your Feet Should Be In Them!

Men's Aqua Cruiser Water Shoes: Why Your Feet Should Be In Them!

SwimandSweat recently just released our newest edition to the Water Shoe family: The Men’s Aqua Cruiser Chlorine Resistant Water Shoe!  
Aquamore water shoes are all made to be chlorine resistant and with fabric that’s breathable and quick-drying. The Men’s Cruiser shoe is a slip on that acts as an actual tennis shoe in the water to provide more traction and foot support throughout your workout.  
Recently, two of the aqua men who attend Jenni Lynn’s S’WET boot camp classes got to try out the Cruisers in the advanced Aqua Fitness class. Here’s what they had to say about the shoes: 

“The fit is excellent. Water shoes I used in the past were always noticeable on my feet, but these feel like a natural extension of the feet. These shoes have improved my stability when exercising on the floor and correctly align and support my feet so that it is easier to keep proper form when the exercise requires landing on the heel, the front of the foot, or the entire foot. “ 
“I am looking forward to seeing how I progress wearing these water shoes over the next several weeks.” -Doug  

Mike also added that he “loves water aerobics but did not like the foot and leg cramps that would sometimes arise which would inevitably limit the intensity of my workout. After my first class wearing the Aquamore water shoes, my legs and feet feel great!” 

We need more men in aqua fitness classes! And better yet, we need men that make the right swimwear choices and go with Chlorine Resistant options! Thank you, Mike and Doud, for being true aqua men!  

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