1. What is your return/exchange policy?
  2. Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?
  3. Will my personal information be shared?
  4. How much does it cost for shipping?
  5. What if my order is lost?
  6. How do I care for my new swimsuit?
  7. How long will my new swimsuit last?
  8. May I use coupon codes on your site?
  9. Will I be charged sales tax?
  10. When will my order be charged?

Return Policy

See Return & Exchange policy for details

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Security Policy

SwimAndSweat.com does not retain or store any personal credit card information received during your purchase transaction.

Our checkout system uses the latest High Grade 256-bit encryption Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Still don't want to use your credit card on the Internet?

No problem - We understand completely. Simply phone your order in to us at 1-888-788-SWIM(7946) (toll call) and we will process your order manually for you.

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Privacy Policy

Swim & Sweat's use of personal information that you may submit to Swim & Sweat through this Web site is governed by the Swim & Sweat Privacy Policy.

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What are my shipping options and costs?

U.S. Orders:

Your items will be shipped via USPS Standard Shipping.

Shipping Table
Order Total Shipping Amount
$0 - $39 $5.95
$40 - $59 $6.95
$60 - $79 $7.95
$80 - $99 $8.95
$100 and over $9.95

Your purchase will normally be shipped within two business days of receiving your order. However this can take longer during holidays or a heavy volume of traffic.

International Orders:

We currently ship to Canada, United Kingdom and Australia for a flat rate of only $9.95 (limited time). Please note that at this time, special Free Shipping email promotions only apply to customers within the U.S. Thank you for your understanding.

Your purchase will normally be shipped within two business days of receiving your payment. Allow 7-14 days for your order to arrive (times vary considerably due to customs variables).

*International customers are responsible for understanding any and all import policies, duties and postal regulations of the country to which they are requesting delivery. In some cases these additional charges can be substantial.

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Lost or Stolen Shipments (USA only) In the event that an order has not been received within 14 (fourteen) businessdays from receipt of a shipping confirmation, please contact us at support@swimandsweat.com.

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How do I care for my swimsuit?

Chlorine Resistant swimsuits are 100% polyester and will resist the negative effects of chlorine. Krinkle swimsuit lining and bras have a spandex content that will deteriorate sooner than the actual swimsuit fabric. Many customers cut out the lining once it deteriorates and continue to get additional months wear. The fabric is not transparent when wet and can be worn without the lining. Aquamore and Aquatex swimsuit lining and bras are made from 100% polyester fabric and are therefore chlorine resistant.

We suggest that you rinse you swimsuit in cold water. You can use a mild hand soap or better yet try one of our chlorine remover solutions. To dry, lay swimsuit on a flat towel and roll the towel up while gently squeezing. Remove the swimsuit from the towel and lay flat to dry to preserve the integrity of your swimsuit. Do NOT wring your swimsuit! Do NOT use a centrifuge, dryer, or other mechanical water extractor. Do NOT use in a washing machine or wash with any bleaching agent, including Woolite.

Try a chlorine removal solution to extend the life of your swimsuit!

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How long will my new swimsuit last?

That depends on a large number of factors. Chlorine exposure varies according to the amount of chemicals being used, the frequency of exposure, and the care taken to remove excess chlorine from your swimsuit each time it is worn.

Krinkle and Reliance fabrics will last much longer than conventional swimwear fabrics. Xtra Life Lycra will only last slightly longer than conventional lycra swimsuits.

The terms "chlorine resistant" and "chlorine proof" refer to the above fabrics and their ability to resist the fading and deterioration that chlorine exposure produces on normal swimwear. Please be aware that all linings and soft cup bras used in our swimwear have a spandex content that may NOT be resistant to chlorine exposure. Therefore, while your swimsuit fabric should hold up well over a reasonable time frame, the bra and linings will be the first areas to show fatigue and stretch. Many customers cut out the liner once it deteriorates and continue to get additional months wear. The fabric is not transparent when wet and can be worn without the liner.

Due to all the above variables we do not offer or imply that our swimwear will last any specific amount of time. We do believe that our swimsuits will last longer than conventional swimsuits.

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May I use coupon codes on your site?

If you have received a valid coupon code for swimandsweat.com you may use it on our site. Coupon codes may have restrictions (specific merchandise, minimum purchase required, expiration dates, etc.). Only one discount code may be applied per order (coupons are not stackable). Coupon offers may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer.

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Will I be charged sales tax?

State laws require that we charge applicable sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in the following states and U.S. territories: AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, NC, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, and WY. We do not collect sales or use tax in states or US territories other than those in which we have a physical presence or are otherwise required to collect tax by law. Your purchase for delivery to these states may be subject to sales or use tax unless the purchase is specifically exempt. The laws of these states may require that a consumer's sales or use tax be paid annually on the appropriate tax forms. Please note that there is no exemption from state sales or use tax based merely on the fact that a purchase is made over the Internet or by other remote means.

When will my order be charged?

The financial institution associated with your method of payment will place an authorization on your account until we charge your order. The authorization usually appears as a pending charge on your account. Within 24 business hours of receiving an order confirmation we will charge your method of payment for the full order amount. Your order will ship as per the shipping method selected when the order was placed. In the case of pre-order items, your item(s) will ship by the date specified. You will receive shipping confirmation(s) when your item(s) ship.

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