April Participant of the Month

April Participant of the Month

Brenda Major

Water Workout Enthusiast 

New York, NY 

“You couldn’t drag me to the gym before I met Jenni (Lynn), and started doing aqua fitness. It’s amazing!”

Brenda is a current participant in Water Exercise Instructor Jenni Lynn Patterson Lacour’s S’WET classes, and we are proud to feature her as our SwimandSweat participant of the month!

Brenda was diagnosed with stenosis in her L4 and L5 in her back. Since starting classes, she feels so much better, healthier, and joyful!

Why does Brenda love aqua fitness so much? “It’s an entire body workout - strengthens, stretches and aerobic without pain or stress on my joints. And the additional bonus is the positive effect this exercise had on my mental and emotional health after the pandemic.”

When speaking with Jenni Lynn about Brenda, she was quick to offer so much praise for her class member!

“Since Brenda joined my aquatic fitness classes, she has brought light, laughter and LOTS of waves to the water. She gets to know the other students in class and helps new participants feel comfortable and confident in the pool. As an instructor, it's truly a pleasure to work with a focused and eager to learn student like Brenda. She remembers the moves, works hard to improve her form and really pushes herself to give it her ALL in every single class. Brenda and I share an energy during class and I have to admit, she pushes me to become a better teacher and really pay attention to the way my students move. I'm so thankful to have her both in my classes and life.”

Thank you, Brenda! For being a shining example of why water exercise is so important to all bodies! 

Water Exercise Instructor Jenni Lynn Patterson Lacour

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