Whether an injury or need for physical activity introduced you to the world of water fitness, many of us would agree that water aerobics class is where you will find us most days. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aquatic exercises. We were surprised (and excited!) to see how many land based exercises are trending in the aquatic world this year.

Hottest Trends in Water Fitness


It seemed that Yoga really gained momentum in 2014. Everyone was doing it, and naturally, it made its way into the water. If you thought land based yoga was not for you, you should really check out what Aqua Yoga has to offer. The natural buoyancy of your body in water allows you to move and bend in ways that are rather difficult on land. Relaxation and deep breathing is also gained through yoga and in our busy world we all need that.


Believe it or not Aqua Zumba feels more like a pool dance party than an actual fitness class. Don’t get us wrong, the workout is definitely present with quick combos and dance moves, but you almost forget that you are working out. With fast-paced dance music, all of your fitness friends, and your enthusiastic instructor, we found that an hour class just flew by. Aqua Zumba is a great for those of us that love to dance!


Seriously, a spin bicycle in the water? We thought the same thing, but it truly exists and it is fabulous! Take an Aqua Spin class and you will be hooked. This class is great for beginners, as you are less self-conscious when your bike is submerged in water, and wonderful for those who have been spinning on land for years looking to change up their workout. We definitely recommend trying this trend!


Step aerobics is a solid go to class at the gym, but what happens when you get bored of doing this on land? You take to the water! Aqua Step is now offered at many gyms as a water based alternative to that land favorite. You’ll find the same great moves but with a specialized stepper for the water. Aqua Step offers more resistance and less impact on the body. We would definitely recommend Aqua Step to those already participating in a Water Aerobics class.


If you are daring or want to cross train in the water, Aqua Bootcamp might be what you’ve been searching for. This High Intensity Interval Training method is easily adaptable to the world of water. Exercises included treading water, sprinting laps, and kickboxing moves to name a few. Think strength and speed. The purpose of this class is to build stamina and increase one’s fitness.

DISCLAIMER: As with any exercise routine, please check with your doctor prior to starting.

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