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Pool Arm Exercises:

Adding targeted exercises into your water workout is a great way to tone your arms.

Sure many cardio movements help to tone your body, but surprisingly those movements do not tone all of your arm muscles.

In part two of our exercise series, we are going to focus on all things arms.

Here are a few new arm exercises to add to your water fitness regimen today!


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Is your pool workout lacking something? There are only so many pool cardio exercises that you can do before incorporating toning exercises into your water workout routine. In this three part series, we will explore various exercises that target toning specific parts of the body. Today, we will be focusing on legs! You should think about adding these to your water fitness workout or water therapy.


If you’ve started a water fitness class, like water aerobics, in a conventional spandex swimsuit, you probably know how quickly that swimsuit bit the dust. We can attest that there is nothing worse than having your friend point out to you that your swimsuit has become see-through, unbeknownst to you, in the middle of class. Learn why we recommend chlorine resistant swimsuits for anyone spending more time than the occasional swim in a chlorinated pool.


Whether an injury or need for physical activity introduced you to the world of water fitness, many of us would agree that water aerobics class is where you will find us most days. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aquatic exercises. We were surprised (and excited!) to see how many land based exercises are trending in the aquatic world this year.


If you are looking for low impact, varying in intensity, fun fitness pool exercises then water aerobics for women is for you! Swim and Sweat carries chlorine resistant water aerobics swimwear designed specifically to meet your water fitness needs.


Do your swimsuits fall apart after a month or so? If you're wearing your swimsuit in chlorinated water on a regular basis, there are a few things you can do to make your swimsuits last longer.


Extending the life of your new swimsuit starts before you ever buy it. Finding a bathing suit that fits properly will not only make it more comfortable to wear, but it will also keep your suit from stretching out over time. Chlorine resistant swimsuits made with polyester or polyester blends can last up to 10 times longer than conventional swimwear if you follow these tips.